Way to Install MagicJack through a Laptop

MagicJack is same as other VoIP services that provide facility to make free calls over the internet. The hardware equipment of MagicJack is very cheaper. It gives you a unique phone number to so that you can make or receive calls from anywhere throughout the world. Before using MagicJack you need to install the software on your Laptop. If you don’t know how to install MagicJack on a laptop, so just follow the simple steps given below:
MagicJack Customer Service

Step1: Connect your MagicJack device to your laptop's through the USB port.  MagicJack software will launch automatically after the device is recognized.

Step2: Connect the phone line to the MagicJack USB device.

Step3: Now, tap on "Register MagicJack" button available on MagicJack software.

Step4:  Tap radio button available next to the store from which you purchased the MagicJack device, and click "Next".

Step5: Enter your e-mail address and ZIP code if you didn't purchase the MagicJack from its official website. Tap "Next," and choose to create a new account.  Enter your personal information to create a new account.

Step6: Read "Terms of Service" and click “I Agree” if you agree with them and tap "Next."

Step7: Click "I do not want a phone number" if you don't want to be assigned a number. Click "I elect to accept free outgoing service" if you want to make outgoing phone calls.

Step8: Check a confirmation message into your mailbox containing login id and password.

Step9: Finally "Close Window." Enter your e-mail address and password into the space provided and after that make a phone call to confirm.

Hope you are successful in installing MagicJack on your laptop. In case you are stuck somewhere in the process, then you can immediately contact to 24*7 available MagicJack Customer service. Here, you will get a solution to all your problems by experts. 

Reference Link: http://www.customer-support-numbers.com/blog/top-5-apps-for-free-calling-us-canada/


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